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Hello - ~Where did I go wrong~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hello [May. 1st, 2006|11:17 pm]
[Current Location |On my bed in my dorm room]
[music |Eminem=sing for the moment]

Havent updated in a while. Oh well.. Not much too exciting. Went to NYC this weekend with the rents for a Yankee Game. It rocked my socks.. Haha.. Got a wicked burn on the arms and my face. And a wicked awesome Moose jersey.. Awww. street jersey.. I have about a week left til I come home for the summer. Not soon enough. so much petty drama up here. geez, its like being back in high school because its such a small school but whatever. I'm tired and I have a sunburn. right now, im nodding my head to an eminem song that I'm listening to in my Ipod headphones, well the right ear cuz the left one is broken as well as my frickin messed up ipod shuffle that is messed up for some reason.
tommorow, i have accounting and front office management and need to finish the hw due on wed night. Hopefully the yankees will win against the red sox. I need to do Fafsa,, so i can get some $$$$ for this expensive school.. Ahhh.. Maybe ill go on a hike tommorow by myself so I can get unstressed.
I need to find a job when i come home because i really dont want to work at TRU this summer, so sick of it.. I dont know. I am going to a few games this summer with the rents and having a flipping good time because its summer..

Sunday- accounting final 8-10
Sanitation final 1:15-3:15
Front Office final 330-530
Monday- 1:15- 3:15-- Trig final
then i have to wait til Tuesday afternoon to go home because the rents dont want to come up til then.. Ahhh. i want to go home sooner because i cant take this drama and stress up here. I want good food and I want to see my friends and family.. Ohmygod.. enough venting. oh this isnt even the start of what I could vent about.. dont get me wrong I love the environment up here minus the stress. ok im gonna go to bed and dream HAPPY THOUGHTS.... :)